Steaks, the staple of the United States

I had been away from blogging for some time now, as my work has taken me to the other side of the world in the United States and quite naturally getting used to a new culture takes time. But, one thing I have been dying to try here is steak. This is perhaps the best American food can get, but coming from India, I have had my share of steaks but what you get here is a totally different ball game.

It all starts from breeding the cattle and feeding, rearing it and in the end getting a good marbling on the meat; which in layman’s terms means the distribution of fat in the meat. Also, coming here you get familiarized with different cuts of meat from cheap cuts like brisket to moderate ones like Sir Loin and Tender Loin going up to the prime cuts of the Rib Eye and Fillet Mignon. Also, there is a concept of dry ageing the meat which means the meat is left to age as bacteria slowly breaks down the muscle fibres which in turn results in a more funkier flavor. The prices of meat also vary based on the cuts and the tags given by USDA with the highest being the USDA prime. Even though the Fillet is considered to be the most expensive cut of meat, the Prime Rib is perhaps the most flavorful one that is out there.

The varieties are endless and a visit to a steakhouse really enhances the experience. Never have I ever tasted red meat so juicy and tender that they simply melt in the mouth. And I myself gave it a shot using the pan searing approach and was really pleased with the results.

Not bad for my first attempt! I hope to master the art soon and then will definitely share the way I make steaks. But until then I will savor these memories of perhaps the best meats out there and whatever else life has to offer.


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